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 Draft Merit list for Group IV (Lateral Entry to Polytechnic) is now published and available under MERIT LISTS link.. Candidates are instructed to verify their rank and claims. Discrepancies, if any should be mailed to before 5 p.m. on 22/6/2018...
 Verification of applications is in progress... Candidates are instructed to check their mails and dashboard periodically for updates
 Candidates are advised to choose the course preferences through their dashboard at least once. The order of preferences can be altered

Candidates facing troubles in online submission and payment are instructed to e-mail their concern to from the registered e-mail address only...


Following is the Process for New User Registration and Registered Applicants

* New User

# All new users need to mandatory Register for online Application submission

* Registered User

# Registered Users need to follow all of the above steps for successful online Application submission

* Registered User Course Selection

# The above course selection option will be available only for user after successful online Application submission.